Being Carried through the Red Sea, by Our Savior Jesus Christ

Earlier this year I awoke to a vision of being carried through a body of water.  At first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. As time progressed, I knew Jesus WAS carrying me. I thought that was cool, when I had the vision. Yet now, there is a whole other spirit revealing itself.   So now I share this: EVERY Christian IS going through something, they won’t have victory over, UNLESS they let Jesus Christ carry them through the red sea of their lives.  Remember the children of Israel, were escaping from years of bondage with the Egyptians. What are you escaping from, as well as: Will you let Jesus carry you, letting go, LETTING GOD DO IT.  Not Nike, but GOD.  Nike advertises, “Just do it”  and The Lord God, teaches us, To Everything there is a season.  This is letting GOD DO IT!  We can even go on a fast of DOING IT.  NOW THIS IS FAITH, and TRUST!  Shalom………..  Thank you for following me too.  Shalom!  Photography by NicoleBeing Carried through the Red Sea by Jesus 1A


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