If you are an anointed child of GOD, Our FATHER, you are being attacked by the enemy, one way or several. It is in my spirit to post and pray for us all! Feel free to contact me too, and we can encourage one another. Shalom ~~~
Father IN the Name of JESUS CHRIST, I lift up the anointed ones who are reading this posting, whenever they read it. I pray that NO weapon formed against us shall prosper. I declare Victory over our enemies, be it Satan, or any evil spirit, from fears, to witchcraft, infirmity, divination, unbelief, jezebel, apathy, and all evil. I pray patience, and the Shalom of Our God into our lives as well. I pray that we focus on the good, and yes be aware of the evil, but not focused on it. Bring those dreams into our night time sleep, we will write them down, and help each other with interpretation. I proclaim we ARE OVERCOMERS, BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY, NOT LOVING OUR LIVES UNTO DEATH. Revelation 12:11 AMEN/ HALLELUJAH
Divine Justice, I declare Divine Justice for us Father God. Shalom~~~ 1st photo about Our God. 2nd Photo how we help one another.



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