I know I shared in my last posting about portals, and this week and to add to this, the evil spirits jezebel / leviathan, were ousted out of my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My son had a dream about how I had got stuck in a portal. Last year we ended up losing our home, drove cross our AMERICA, and settled in Las Vegas, as God directed my husband. I have been out here in the desert and getting set free of more demons/curse than I may ever know. Yesterday Katie Souza posted her conference and we went through some declarations and more. I went to bed and awoke a different person. I havent slept this good in years, and can give details if you contact me. THIS COLLAGE IS the pool directly in from of our hotel room, and there IS a supernatural portal here. I still am in awe of it. SHALOM ~~~  These photos of the pool I am sharing are the portal here in front of my window.  BEAUTIFUL. ABBA~GOD.