Coming through a portal, a spiritual portal~~~

So excited this week, for I have come through a spiritual portal.  This is sort of hard to describe, for through a dream, it was communicated of GOD, that I was to come through a portal, but very well could get stuck.  Then, I moved, and into the state of Nevada.  After finding a place to live, I was so drawn to the area here, by the swimming pool, and the landscaping done here where I live.  I will include some photographs.  The pool is/was a portal, and God confirmed this.  The landscape has a waterfall,, 3 bridges and oh so much LIFE!  I share this, for so often the answer to our dilemma, is so often right in front of us, and we don’t see.  It may be for it isn’t time for our breakthrough, or maybe we need the right people in our life. There most certainly are many a reason for the timing of our deliverance, our breakthrough, our victory in those areas that still need it. Hope you enjoy these images!  By the way, I sell all my photography, be it in matted images, greeting cards, and now a beautiful book of creation.  ~~~ Nicole Ramirez