One, I have been free many a time from many things that have cursed me, been attached, and/or even in me. This last ugly one, was shame; yes, let me spell it:~~~  s h a m e.  Now the definition:  http://www.dictionary.com/browse/shame

Yesterday was November 24th. In had taken a shower the night before; but felt so inclined to do so again when I awoke.  I did take one yesterday, washed my hair. My husband and I went to do laundry too, it had been 2 weeks. We got home and he had to go to work as well. I went and cleaned the entire kitchen, which is a place of preparation. SO I gather yesterday, November, was certainly a day of CLEANSING.  THANK YOU ABBA ~  Now for the Balm of Gilead, I pray.  Going to go far in God’s Kingdom. SHALOM~~

Yes from shame to SHALOM!   WTF Egrets Great Dancing 1a