Living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas NevadaThis has been a traumatic week for so many.  With this terror, traumatic even in Las Vegas has escalated GOOD, a good spirit here. People are reaching out and giving blood, money, food, and more.  Before all revivals of GOD, are traumatic events.

So many of us go through traumatic events in our lives.  Yes even as infants, all the way unto adulthood.

I can only speak of my own life.  I had traumatic event from birth to adulthood. I have no memory of them, but know they happened and can give details if asked.

1. I was conceived out of wedlock, and the parents never got married.

2. My biological mom, allowed her good friend (a witch) babysit me for the first 6 months of my life.

3. My biological mom abandoned me at a local hospital and this actually made it into the local news.

4. I was adopted after the newspaper article shared the details of my situation,

5. Years passed, I grew up, my adopted dad died when I was 11 of cancer.

6. Years passed and I got saved in 1977.

7. got married in 1979, and birthed 3 babes (boys) over the next 10 years.

8.  My adopted mom died.

9. I started selling my photography after most of my friends, kept nagging me to do so.

10. On my way to an event to sell photography, I had a blank out / seizure.

11. I have had blank outs/ seizures ever since.  YET

12.  I had 6 weeks without any seizures and and then they returned, 2016

God gave me a dream and told me there would be a FIGHT to embrace my true identity.Now here in 2017,  I have come through a spiritual portal, now walking in my true identity.  Can truly feel using my senses ~~   Touch, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and ………….. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                    I always wanted things done quickly, automatically and have learned God most certainly takes HIS TIME to get things done properly and completely.  Which is Patience. I also learned the enemy, the devil so often knows who are so anointed before we/they themselves do.  I believe that Revival has started and so often does, when traumatic events happen,  People are giving, Giving, GIVING! Be it services, money, food, and more. Would love to get you testimony and what you have learned as you have come through those hard and even traumatic times. BTW ~  The image below is Las Vegas at sunset. Las Vegas Nevada



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