The True Nicole has arrived!

I haven’t posted for some time and now it is time.  We (my husband and I), have been traveling across our nation, and it has been intense at times.  God has been setting me free of more than I may ever know, and that is fine. We have landed, settled in Las Vegas and  ICLV is here:  International Church in Las Vegas.  Words can  never describe, the  hideous, gross, and evil sensations I have felt since we left California.  I just know God started deep cleaning me when we left and it continued until this very week.  I awoke today: September 2nd, 2017, TOTALLY CHANGED and FREE of that evil.  YEAH GOD!  I plan on writing another book, this time it will be more of a devotional.  I will most likely call it :  To Everything There Is A  Season.

This am I had such a delightful dream and even most of my life, dreams have played a substantial role in my freedom. May I share this dream and my discernment on it?  Thank you! ~~~~~~~~

AWOKE ABOUT 5:30 AM, from this dream:

I had been on a bus and noticed there was no car in the driveway upon getting off, there was a long walk that I continued on. I had my camera, and I think a satchel or maybe a backpack. Not sure. As I walked on this sidewalk, the neighborhood wasn’t big and it was very quiet there. I had gotten off the bus for I noticed my house, and there was no car in the driveway, which communicated to me that there was most certainly no one home. Wonderful!  I continued my walk and was so aware of the sweetest birds around. They were black and yellow; most likely grosbeaks.  Wasn’t totally sure for they were in the topiary.  As I walked up to the front door, I noticed it wasn’t locked. I turned the knob, and when I did the door opened. I went inside, and then looked outside the front window, and saw those sweet birds. LOL~~ Right now, as I am writing this dream down, there are some wonderful sweet, birds too, entitled great tailed grackles.  LOL………… the ones in the dream were what I believe were yellow grosbeaks.  THANK YOU, ABBA!  Ok, back to dream. I looked over to the kitchen, and I thought I saw my mom. I looked again, and it was Holy SPIRIT.  WOW, I awoke and was so wonderfully blessed with the sensations I was feeling! 

What is so sweet to me, is that the colors of the birds were the colors of my high school. I have graduated and that is so wonderful! When I thought I saw my mom, and it was the Holy Spirit, I grasped/ discerned that many times Holy Spirit is like that mommy spirit.  I can’t really explain it, I just can feel it. Well I thought I would share my VICTORY!    Shalom to you too~