IMG_8017.jpgGod is soooooooooooooooo…. GOD!   I have been having problems both with my spiritual computer (brain/ mental stuff) and my physical computer too.  I have had dreams as well as my first born soon has had some wonderful dreams of breakthrough for me too! I keep declaring, decreeing and more for healing in more ways than one.  I have created a new email, and needed to add it to my Microsoft account, and make it the main and personal email and keep the photography one for business only.  This one situation, phone call took nearly an hour to make right.  Once we were partially through, I was given a case number and so wrote it down.  Then we got more done and taken care of.  Boy what a hassle even……….  THEN once the emails were rectified and set in order, my Microsoft agent says to me:  Nicole can we now consider this case number closed and taken care of?  I said yes and nearly fell off where I was sitting  FOR GOD had told me (over a month ago about DIVINE JUSTICE).  To Declare it and believe IT IS FINISHED!  I had been kind of declaring this (in part) over the last year or more.  Though I have been set free in chapters, facets, and grew incredibly impatient, I have heard IN IS FINISHED, YOU MADE IT, and then Divine Justice via my deodorant of Arm & Hammer.   God can take you through such ugh and even give you joy and fun as the evil departs. I AM FREE and DECLARE The FREEDOM!