Nicole Nanette’s Testimony

Thank you Matt Tommey for starting our artist group on Facebook and we paid to join up. Sweet……. Then you asked the question about our personalities……… YES LORD! We are going to allow ABBA’S wings of healing to envelop us and get healed! IT’S TIME to share my testimony too! Shalom ~~~~~ My name is Nicole Nanette Ramirez. I was concieved in 1957, birthed in 58. I was concieved out of wedlock and it went like this………… my birth mother was a waitress in a bar. She slept with the bartender, and her best friend was his fiance’ So you see the ugh already? She gave birth to me and allowed the fiance’ to babysit me. The babysitter was a witch. After a few month, my mom abandoned me at the local hospital and I was put in the paper. I was adopted and raised. My adopted dad died when I was 11. I went to high school, and to graduate had to have 3 electives, and just took photography to graduate. My teacher loved my stuff, and strongly suggested I enter something into the county fair and so I did. Both items won prizes.                                               Years passed, I got saved, married, had 3 kids, and time proceeded.  I got a camera, and took some photos, with film. Digital cameras were birthed and I started taking pictures.  I would go on field trips and hiked out at the lake and some country trails.  I loved the flowers, birds and some bugs as well.  My friends loved my photography and after over 2 years of nagging nuisance friends, I finally made some greeting cards and went to Earth Day San Diego and made over $200.00.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Years passed and I found my birth dad, and then learned (details if desired), that I had been continuley molested by my adopted dad.   There is also a curse on the bloodline, that I am in the proceeds of annhilating.
Something I called blank outs started up several years ago, that has caused me not to have a drivers license. I don’t get out like I used to. God let me know that if I would stay under his protection and timing, I would be fine.  If not I would die.   I have had these blank outs for years and been set free of several demons.   Deaf and Dumb , numbness and more.  I have had many a word of how I would be greater than I ever imagined, and even a dream, comparing me to Kay Arthur and Joyce Meyers.  My book, and greeting cards sales  have plummeted from curses and more.  I have been doing prayer and fasting and what I wanted to take one week, has taken over 7 years.  I know God has been in control.

When it comes to going and selling, I have no problems going out and selling, finding new clients. I don’t drive and have to find someone to be my taxi.  Many are nervous that I would have a seizure with them, so many have withdrawn from my life.   This last 2 weeks, I have been going through major life transportation / portal.   The old identity is gone.  There are no words to describe, what this has been like, if it had not been for ABBA/ GOD, I would have probably killed myself.  But am fulfilled when I am being an artist.  I have an anointing for the land, and creation.  Praying blessings over it, removing curses from it.   SHALOM to all.     

NicoleN 17a



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