FREEDOM and The Parrots ~~~


These cuties are red crowned parrots. Their biography IS the fact they were birdnapped from central america. Brought up here to the US of A, & as the vehicles that had them caged approached the border, it was found out, the bird nappers would most likely be fined, caught and more. Soooooooooooooo, they let the parrots go, they released them, opened the doors of the cages and FREEDOM! There were less than a hundred THEN. NOW we have in Southern California, most likely close to a thousand. A community of these critters live in Orange County, which is close to Los Angelas, and I believe the rest live down here in San Diego County. Now for my story: These parrots land on my residential street, where I live. They land nearly every day, be it here OR within a mile or so. I go on what I call parrot field trips. What happens, is: they are ever so loud and then they dive bomb me. I get the biggest blessing out of it too! This am it was less than 40 degrees, and they are from central america, so they must be cold. 😦 Just had to share the STORY behind the parrots…………….. of course then you will want them as greeting cards OR something to hang on the wall. SHALOM TO YOU !