You have won against all odds!

Wind  shower

Yeah Nicole wow!

Releasing you Nicole from the tyranny of the trauma, canceling the power of the trauma.  His healing to His work of art, washing away the pain.   U papa wind,  you, you (Nicole). Your name is right, its right in your name  VICTORY 4 the people.  I will pour freedom, freedom, all across the land.    A victim, now a victor, overcoming abuse.   I will start understanding the differences…  He will do things incredibly by the Spirit.  Your life will be different, so deep. A quiet transition.  Be careful to who you share.

Wings to soar, wings to fly, wings to overcome.   Prisoners of this pain.You take the keys, and I am giving you my grace, my healing, right now, my strength to overcome.My precious, precious,  I was there in your pain,  My precious, precious.  I assure you its for HIS gain.  My precious, precious, what the enemy meant for evil. I have, I will use for good.  I took from Him, to use so you would win.                                                                                   Letting Christ love meI’m so glad  youre mine, my love for you is time, I love you, I had my eye on you, Receive my little song.
you’ve won against all odds!


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