It has been 58 years of not being who Our ABBA created me to be. To be full of ugh, and more than I will ever fathom, or need to know. I have been set free of deaf and dumb spirits, spirits of fear and more. I know not how many. I had such a wonderful breakthrough, this last February. I awoke one morning, and it was like I was on a different planet. Colors were brighter, and I smelled more deeply. Those pesky blankouts/ were over, and life was wonderful! I started seeing the numbers 3 and 17 at least a dozen times each day! My birthday came and passed, with IS the 17th of March. The end of March came and the blankouts returned. ???? What the uhg……. ???? I had no idea of WHAT happened, and may not ever. These mini seizures were different, in the fact there was no warning and more. Mostly my entire life came to a standstill. I even quit church for a short while. Just walking through my own house was a challenge, since I had no warning before a blankout. So time passed, and a wonderful friend invited me to her home for a guest speaker, who was from Africa. Here name was Cecillia, and she prayed for most of us. When she got to me, she only prayed in the spirit, and so I had no idea of what she prayed. I went down, and stayed there for some time. I got up, came home that night, and went to bed. When I awoke the next morning, I had soaked the bed with pee. I was dumbfounded, for immediately I knew a evil spirit had left me. The week progressed and there was a definite battle still, but I KNEW to allow GOD to do most of the battling. I had stood firm, and this mostly HIS DOING. Monday arrived and a good sister of the Lord called me with some wonderful encouragements. Some scriptures and they matched the numbers God has been giving me all year. God sent to me many things this week for wonderful encouragement too! Another dear sister, called me days later, and sang to me Happy Birthday! It isn’t my birthday, but YET The True NICOLE is now Alive and Reigning and the false identity is gone. So often this week, when I look at the time (on our living room clock), it is on the hour. I hear ding dong the witch is dead, the evil witch is dead. (false identity). Doors have already started opening for the photography too! There is more, and it will be shared as allowed/prompted. SHALOM TO ALL who will accept God’s way. We are going to have a wonderful victorious season in ABBA! SHALOM/ SHALOM


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