It’s Time to Emerge . . .

When I think of emerging I grasp either the butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon, or maybe a bear coming out of it’s hibernation.  I have been in a literal hibernation: (basically in my home, no transportation)(Others will pick me up and take me places),(most of my art/photography has been dormant as well). God is bringing many (if not all) out of that place that they/me have been hibernating in. Most have a car and drive, so thier/your hibernation is of another sort. Maybe they/you are not much into social gatherings, or maybe they have abandoned thier yard work.  This is the season/time to either pick up or start that which hasn’t been done yet, or in awhile. So, take that step of action/faith and quit thinking/talking about it and do it!  Sounds like a Nike commercial.  Ready, Set, Let’s GOJet overhead january 2014