This is a wonderful, beautiful, and AWESOME season, for many of us! As we stay focused on our Saviour, and His way, His Kingdom, and more of HIM.  We will get breakthrough out of breakthrough! Things we must wait on, some things we don’t.  It is hard to live as one person “most” of your life and then blossom/bloom into who GOD created!  Several demons have been eradicated, cast off/out of me, and a curse broken.  Christians have been watching me for years “blank out” and I haven’t had a doctor, The Lord is my doctor! I know I very well would/could be in a mental institution and I hear myself say: “I never did anything wrong.”  It has been a long road and God has chosen wise ways for me.  This posting is just a trumpet blast of my freedom, in Jesus Name!  More blasts later!  God opened the door, with an order from Photography by Nicole , and International Order of the vintage typewriter. Very Strategic!  More sales soon!  Awaiting the green light!   SHALOM!  We are in a season of breakthroughs, and there is even a retreat coming up pertaining to this. YEAH GOD!   I DECLARE THAT THE ONLY NICOLE THAT SPEAKS IS THE ONE GOD CREATED!


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