Photography by Nicole

Photography by Nicole is selling …………….

The Earth Declares……….

A book FULL of images/photography of what is found throughout our land; the earth!  From bugs to birds; from landscapes galore and so much more!  One image bought starts from $20 and depending on the frame and matting ascends into the hundreds. So for $40, you get a coffee table type book, FULL of photography, and some sweet descriptive additions for you to enjoy!  Greeting cards are $2.50 each for everyone!  I am now in many stores and offer lots. from posters, to greeting cards and now my book.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions.

Introducing the Artist  

My name is Nicole and my Daddy named me.                            I treasure this for I found my dad a few years ago. When an infant I was adopted And cared for by some wonderful parents who could never give birth,But raised a wonderful artist. I was raised well, and have always Loved to play in the dirt and have fun.                           I remember when I was in Elementary school; I went out and planted some seeds.  I forgot that I did this and weeks later, I had cucumbers and sunflowers.For years        I loved to plant seeds and watch that which would sprout.In High School I became a part of the annual staff and loved Photography as well. My fabulous teacher encouraged me to submit My work to the county fair. Each entry I submitted won a prize,  2nd or 3rd place.           I gardened as well in my teenage years.In my early twenties I married and had three sons.  I forgot the cameras existed and focused on my family.  After           I raised those 3 boys, I started taking pictures again and it was No time before I outgrew that first camera and wanted something With more pixels, more mm and more of most everything I could get.When I go to the park,         or walk in our neighborhood,  I usually have Binoculars AND a camera with me.  I take more time walking           2 miles than anyone I know. I see the little orange cosmos there, and a Lincoln sparrow under the pomegranate tree.  Then I might see an anise swallowtail fly on past or a Coopers hawk after a black phoebe.                  I have found how many people I get to meet when out on those little walks, and that is Very edifying. So as you peek at the pictures displayed,Know you can visit the website and see a plethora of Other images that will certainly delight you.God bless you and have a glorious season! 

 Nicole Ramirez


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