Get Ready to Ready to Receive This Season ~~~~~~~~~~

Many have gone through life just doing, Doing, DOING!   In real life those have honestly been taken advantage of even, ever so much.  Personally my True Emotions have been bound / bottled / even just dormant!  This season I have had so much healing / HEALING!  I know in this manner that season isn’t over though in many if not most other areas, I/We are in a new season!  I share this posting for such a time as this!  I have been told for many a year about The Esther in the Old Testament was a Queen even before she realized it.  For many a year I have used the word Esther or Royalty, even Queen at times be it in verbal passwords or maybe online, maybe a secret question.  I have been drawn to that old testament book/woman for many a season.  This season I even have been poked / reminded of the Lord God…………..   Most all of us have facets of who HE created us to be, who we still are not!  Let’s learn who we are and be that man / woman of GOD / YESHUA!  In conclusion a dear woman of God made / created this beautiful quilt and she certainly didn’t realize HOW spiritual /prophetic / timely this would be in my life.  I declare each day even I will grasp/glean/ and embrace more and more from this beautiful creation!  THANK YOU!   /   SHALOM!!!Oh please respond/post if you see something that needs addressing too!



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