Just a thought for today.

We all have moms, and those who DO love us.  Treasure them while you can. I was abandoned by my birth mom and treasured, loved and so adored by my adopted mom. She was wonderful, she did more for me than she needed to. She dressed me like a princess and treated me as such. She passed away in 2001, and you know what, I never realized all I just shared until last year after many an evil was cast and delivered out of me.  Now today, my mom-in-law took me out for some time together and we went to the store, I picked out some clothes and after we got into the car to leave she (mom-in-law), noticed how somethings I bought reminded her of my mom.  Oh, yeah you are right, I see that, was my response. We get on and go to lunch and upon waiting for a table to be picked out for us to sit at, the was an elderly woman waiting as well, and she soooooooo, reminded me of my mom too. We talked and I shared somethings and as our names were called, I prayed for her healing of Asthma.  We get seated and order our food and the Lord reminds me of this restaurant and how my mom used to take me and my kids out to eat here regularly.  She did love me with ALL HER HEART, and I never let her.  So, I have my awesome mom in law Alice, and though my birth mom did abandon me, my real mom is with the Lord God in Heaven, and I get to see her one day! Treasure who you have, for our days are numbered on this earth.  Alice is the best  mom in law anyone can have……………….   SHALOM!                                             BY THE WAY~~~~~~~~~  The first photo is my mom who raised me, and the second photo is my mom in law, who REALLY IS MOM NOW.   (next to Holy Spirit) ❤ ❤ ❤

Mom in Law
Mom in Law
My mom that I miss
My mom that I miss

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