The White throated swift

I love nature/creation and in so, see/hear great things most don’t.   From the colors of the underside of leaves, to how many wings a dragonfly has. Here recently I keep hearing a sound and a few weeks ago, looked up into the sky when I heard it. At first I could not see what I was hearing, and even was wondering if it was angelic. I got my binoculars and saw these birds that were black and white and were surely flying in/around/by/out of one another. Now I declare that where one has waited for sometime, some……………  time……………… :
The time has come and will be swift this week!  Ones throat will vocalize with another and this will be a true of those of us that will gather in small groups for the Lord God this season even!  Black and White stands for the fact that many of us, see in that way!  We either see it black or white, not a grey. This is even in ones walk with the Lord. No grey areas………….. Grey Areas

So often we can get information/communication of the Lord God, through situations/ colors/ foods we see or eat, and ever so many other things. This posting is about the swifts and we are in that time of having much we have waited on, be it for a season, or many have waiting their entire lives for some things………………….
Another tidbit about the white throated swifts are the fact they only get into large groups where they commune/live.  When they fly it is usually in very small groups, and that is the  season we are in.  The body of Christ has come into a season of meeting in small home groups, as well as meeting in coffee shops and maybe even parks/ outdoor areas.  This is a time of being intimate for so many are not and keep alot to themselves. A time to trust your “issues” with a few others. We are the Body of Christ and we NEED and SHOULD meet more together. It is time to strengthen and be there for one another.  One last tidbit, (as important as all else), keep those things quiet/to yourself and don’t share outside the group/ except with Holy Spirit. White Throated Swift

Beautiful Swifts
Beautiful Swifts

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