A Time to persevere, not to give up and declare your victory……………..

I am guilty of giving up a moment, a day, or just a segment/facet of time before the victory I do have in God/Abba! I love to use the microwave and not the typical oven/stovetop.  I abhor waiting, for most things I have waited for, been promised of by mankind, rarely come to pass. But this is the season and hour that is changing; well for me anyway!  I also abhor to fight, but growing up, I fought and won, in regards to my younger brother. I beat him up alot.  Now I abhor confrontation in many ways. So as I don’t usually play games (have worked jigsaw puzzles most of my life),  on the internet, or board games, well recently I have played one game : Candy Crush.  I stopped for I got stuck on a level, well :                                                                   From a recent blog I found :  When I look at the design of it, each level is a little square puzzle, connected by a track,  and as each puzzle is solved, I then move on the track to the next level. Some levels are easier to pass than others and, I’ll admit, there have been a few levels that I got stuck on. When faced with this “adversity,”  I could have given up.  I could have thrown my phone.  I could have researched cheat codes. I could have whined and cried,  lamenting my misfortune.  I could have paid for an upgrade.  Instead, I relied on the generosity of friends (ie. free lives and extra moves) and just kept persisting until I got to the next level, knowing that eventually I could beat it.                                                       http://kbakerbyodlit.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-existentialism-of-candy-crush.html?spref=fb

Now I will do better when I am stuck, and thinking it will never end. I have heard for years, that it is so often darkest before the dawn, and this is true for all of us. Each of us have areas, where we give up, or even refuse to try. We allow others and their words/actions keep us in denial of the real issues at hand.  So now, whatever it is you have an issue with, be it finishing what you start, keeping your mouth shut, or just open it.  How about instead of complaining about stuff, jump in and help. You most likely are a teacher, and because no one listens, maybe you quit telling others your point of view.  Or, instead of saving all that money, start spending it, wisely of course. Don’t always buy the least expensive, but try a more regal of a product, a more valuable item. Ok, it is TIME for victory in that which you haven’t had victory, or maybe just a partial victory. YEAH GOD!


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