Over the last few years, things have been dug up, turned over, thrown out and it “seemed” like it would never end. I was saved in 1979 and there was a definite shift in my life that night. After I found my birth dad, though I was looking for my birth mom, I started having this “things” which i titled “blank outs”. Well since then I have been set free from several demons, dozens of curses have been broken AND more than I can fathom (as the Lord communicated to me).

December 2015 was my final deliverance and I have felt (starting in Feb. 2015) such a shift, nearly unfathomable. Well let me explain it this way: I am a photographer and with a digital camera, you have what are called pixels. My first digital camera had 1280 X 960 pixels. Then a few years later, I got a Canon Rebel and it is 3456 X 2304 pixels. So much more clarity, and you can enlarge it even bigger. THAT IS WHAT I FEEL LIKE. More of me can feel what IS. Whether it is love or hate. So now when I feel the Lord’s love I almost fall on the ground. When I feel, and I do more than discern the enemy/evil spirits, that is gross. UGH   But each time the attacks are less and less strong, and the Love is greater. I share all of this for the little episode of the Lord today………………..

I had a bit of a hard time last night not sleeping deeply, waking up 5 or more times, and today, my focus was not on the good, but stuff I shouldn’t be focused on. I thought the Lord would be saddened by my actions and He has been blessing me for the last few weeks greater than I can ever remember, and even that which I do remember, it was a shallow feeling I had. Now I got up from lying down for a nap, and I heard the sound of the Hooded Oriole. I peeked out the window and saw him. For the next 20 minutes 3 Hooded Orioles, 1 hummingbird just were. Then a butterfly flew around for several minutes and it was the glorious Monarch! The Orioles just sat, then drank nectar from the Aloes, and words can never express how I FELT THE LORD SO HAPPY TO BLESS ME.  This of course happened from my bedroom window, and the aloes are less than 10 feet away. It was like being in the theater and just soaking/basking in ABBA’S LOVE!  I am attaching the images of these birds/aloes.  ENJOY!   I am more healed that I can even fathom!                                                                           Bird Hooded Oriole on Agave 1Bird Hummingbird in Flight 1IN Butterfly monarch 4


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