IT IS DEAD! The gopher is dead………………

So IF you know me, you know that I have been delivered of many a demon including a couple of deaf and dumb even.  I was saved in 1977 and well after learning about all the witchcraft/curses/trauma that was done to me from the womb on, GOD is realer than ever, and I am still amazed I am alive!  He chose for me a most wonderful man for my glorious husband too! I had my last deliverance in December and that “thing” just has not wanted to let go, though I am and have been free. So this last 2 weeks, i started DECREEING that those “blank outs” were finished/over.  Each time I would get hit, i went into speaking in tongues for victory. For the evil would oppress my brain, and my memory was challenged. Today I went to water the poppies in the front yard (heirloom poppies), and though I usually use the rain water saved, I chose to use the hose and I just started pulling it and it got all kinked and twisted up. When i finally got the hose to the poppies, I looked and there was a gopher that was tangled up in the hose. I got it loose and then thought, to get it off our land. I kicked it out into the street and discern it MUST be killed. I do not want to do that…. but then i see it hiss (sorta), and show its teeth, over a minute or so.   I get a rock and don’t look and drop the rock and then look.  UGH!!!!  I saw blood and ^@!)~~#(.                                                                   I start declaring the evil spirit is dead/ the gopher (evil) is dead and now there is such a peace and tranquility from that spiritual adventure.  So, don’t remain unaware, for many times GOD will be showing you something spiritual from something you are experiencing in the physical world.  REALLY!


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