What does it take to encourage you??

When one you/I are going through something we would rather now, what does it take to encourage/bless you?   So often we let a statement, an ugly look from someone or something that WE allow to take away our smile, or joy/happiness.  I have come through more than I can imagine, and I have actually come through it and am now out the other side.  I love birds, bugs and just creation in its beauty.  We presently are 2 months behind in many of our bills, our home is in a physical mess, for remodeling is at a virtual standstill until we get caught up with other financial obligations.  With saying this, today I was doing dishes and heard a birds call. It was one I hadn’t heard in some time and I went and grabbed my binoculars. It was a little pack, colony, group of WHITE CROWNED SPARROWS. I was elated and acted like a 8 year old kid getting an ice cream cone!  FUNNY! So with sharing the above information here is the delightful winged pleasure I now bless you with!

Cutie White Crowned Sparrow!
Cutie White Crowned Sparrow!

Bird White Crowned Sparrow 2Bird White Crowned Sparrow 3

Peek A Boo

This image above is a white crowned Sparrow playing peek a boo with me. Sparrows, yes they are common, but don’t bypass a sparrow just because of this.  This little guy thought I didn’t know he was there.  Do you ever think you are hiding from someone, your friend or foe? Do you blend in with your surroundings?  Remember that even though you might seem to be quiet and to blend in, someone DOES care and is watching.  May it be a special someone, and may you be blessed this day with treasures dear to your heart.    © Photography by Nicole


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