Spirit of Adoption/Abandonment

There has been a stray cat that has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO irritated me in this last year. He (i now know it is a she), has stolen our cats food nightly, and several of the neighbors as well. My son even used the pellet gun to shoot it, (as well as the opossum), and this cat won’t stop showing up about sundown. Last week my husband and son (who stay up past midnight), let it/her in the house. I went ahead and had some compassion as well about a week ago and left a handful of food out past the south side of our garage. I have been getting up at night over the last season (i wake up more than once most every night), and check on Joseph (our nearly 20 year old cat, blind in one eye and more), and in so doing am grasping the ugh I am feeling towards this stray cat is because it was abandoned by our former neighbors who moved away late last year and didn’t take their cat. Soooooooooooo, this cat comes to our address at dusk, sits under the neighbors car UNTIL it feels safe to come to eat; which is about 50 feet away from my outdoor place of rest, which is a patio chair outside our front door.

Several days ago my husband and son went ahead and let her in the house. Then again last night as well. She will not stop meowing. Since she sees me when i put food in her dish, we thought she is meowing so as to get some more food. Last night (August 16th about 11:30 pm), i got up and she saw me and intensified her meow, and just was all over me, and totally forgot about the guys. My son was amazed and said, wow mom, she likes you! This time she was hungry, but when done came back and just wanted attention. Several days have passed and I am learning 99% of the time, that is “mostly” what she wants and if you stop petting she has even tried to nip, bite, or scratch us. Why have I chosen to share this? Many have rejection/abandonment issues and be it a cat or a human, the characteristics can be the same. I have bitten (words), many a person and can see GOD still sees some remnants from those original words/curses. So many of us have been greatly healed (I know I have), but we need to be completely healed.

Then we have the spirit of Adoption:

I was abandoned when I was about 6 months of age. I am now 56 years of age, and did find my biological dad (was looking for my biological mom), and I have had so much ugh surface that I had buried ALL MY LIFE.

God is using this cat issue and I noticed she is not malnourished, she could even lose a few ounces. So as this cat was abandoned, it is time to adopt it. This is the season for me to grasp, understand, soak in the spirit of ADOPTION. I have always mentally grasped it, but now is the season for me to absorb and accept it. Again, I share this for so often you have little situations happen in the grocery store, EXAMPLE: have you ever (if you have the funds) another’s groceries, as you get the unction to do so. How about going to a neighbor and cleaning their house? Maybe make several meals for someone you know that just needs to have some encouragement.

Maybe make a coupon booklet and have a dozen home made coupons with no expiration date. A free carwash, a foot massage, washing windows and ever so much more. Each person can/does need different helps/favors. I personally have always liked helping others, but this cat issue, well was a whole other story.

Have you ever been abandoned, or even rejected, well it’s time to adopt someone or something and help them/it. AN Oh Meow 2


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