Nine, One, One~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

God speaks through images, numbers, and oh so much more.   So for months now, over six anyway, I keep seeing 911.  Most of the time, I pay attention to such things, but this time I have ignored it. I couldn’t imagine that we could have another 911. As I was reading today on the internet, I saw that Cindy Jacobs saw/heard of the Lord the need for United Prayer of God’s people. DETAILS are at this link I share with you……… Cindy Jacobs          As God’s people we (yes me) have gotten lazy in many areas……   We meet together for church, and some prayer, but we don’t pray as we need to. We don’t unite with other people/churches like we should  Wouldn’t it be wonderful IF we gathered frequently together be it countywide to pray, maybe by zip code….   Even gathering on facebook would be wonderful. SOOOOOOO…………………   lets gather and pray, Pray, PRAY!!!   II Chronicles 7:13—–



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