The 1st & 2nd Adam~~~~~

Have you ever heard of the first Adam?  How about the 2nd Adam?  I have been a Christian for nearly 40 years and never had that teaching before.  BUT………   BUT………. I do discern correctly 99% of the time and as I have heard this now several times in this last month, I am grasping New Truth! Remember we don’t know it all, so truth can be new to bible believing Christians.  So the 1st Adam was in Genesis, the first created man. The 2nd Adam is/was Christ Jesus.  WOW!   I also have learned that most all of us have screwed up plans, lets say maybe a business, or maybe your vehicle, or the way you do something like your yard and gardening. There are ever so many ideas that can be brought in here to describe. So, then we think we have failed, screwed up, lost it all, and can basically just quit that part of our lives………….. BUT…………………..   This season God is going to bless us (those that will let HIM), with a 2nd plan.  The 2nd Adam was better than the 1st Adam.  (PICTURE INCLUDED, BELOW)  I declare/proclaim over you, as you don’t quit, don’t give up, keep persevering, that you are going to have a wonderful 2nd situation. What is yours,  another job that is oh so much better than before; a new place to live that costs less, or your new job will easily pay for it, a new place to worship and attend church.  SWEET………..    One last thing: our next two year will be wonderful breakthroughs, but there is going to be some INTENSE warfare too.  Hey we have made it this far, I know for me, it is going to be a season of breakthrough with anger. I abhor getting angry and just don’t do it. So what might your breakthrough be???????????????????????????????


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