DANIEL RAMIREZ/PHILIP RAMIREZ/CHARLES RAMIREZ: Not many things can make a mom more happier than to see her kids/offspring!!!    Especially as they are grown and living their own lives, and paying their own bills!   I declare that I get to see ALL my kids this very week!  My Coast Guard kid, My First born kid, and my United States Marine kid.  Yes a United States Marine can be a kid, but only their mom’s kid.  Yippee!  Thank YOU, LORD for a bountiful group of men/kids a percentage of each!  I lift up this next 2 weeks of having some TIME with the 3 amigos/ hombre’s that I was blessed in birthing!    This is just a short posting, but so strategic!!  I declare that this family of mine will ALL serve GOD the Creator of each of them/us!  PSALM 139!!    YEAH GOD!!!  I invite you to pray/declare for all of us.  Thank you!
By the way the older man is the dad/father of all three hombres!   Next 3 postings will be of each of them!!!   SHALOM!!!!Image


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