Listen to the call of the killdeer~~

Listen to the call of the killdeer~~


The sound of the Killdeer~~~

Those who know me, know I love creation, AND have a love affair (properly correlated), to birds. So often the Lord will bring, be it a bug, bird, or maybe just a flower, and the color, size, sound, will minister to me.  I do interpret dreams, and most everything has a spiritual significance to it.  So it is, with the sound/call of the Killdeer. I still don’t totally grasp it, but not many birds are out at night, but you can most certainly hear the killdeer. I share the link as well above so you can listen and hear this delightful creature.  All animals/birds included have their habitat domain, and ever so many birds, just love open grassy area.  They can see movement, bugs with their incredible eyesight!  Make sure you check out the link I attached…………………………….ImageImage

He has most certainly tried me “and”…………………………………………..

For years I have been drawn to the book of Job…………   The first time was when I was much younger (maybe 20 years ago), and I ordered my name NICOLE, (which I LOVE),  on a plaque, and the scripture was from Job.  Job 23:11 to be exact; and the verse speaks this:  My foot has held to His steps; I have kept His way, and  have not turned aside. I then check out my name as well on the internet and it is of French origin. I also go to a number of websites and each one say nearly the same thing about Nicole.  It means victorious one, victory of the people, and victorious spirit. The scripture given in many a place is again from the same book/chapter, and is the very verse before this one:  But He knows the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold. Job 23:10.

In the next season, I learn about the fact how GOD knows/KNOWS I will succeed and overcome, all that has tried to come against me, be it simple good people relying on their own understanding to ugly spirits that had authority in my life and no longer do.

Then I get into the prophetic realm/ dream interpretation and the fact that numbers/colors have a spiritual significance too.  I buy some Christian books on prophetic stuff/dream interpretation and learn ever so much.  I am drawn to the number 17, for that is the number of the day I was born. It means :

The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 17 …………………                                                                                         

In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.” God overcame the sins of rebellious humans when he began to flood the earth through rain on the 17th of the second Hebrew month. Noah’s ark and its eight passengers rested on the mountains of Ararat on the 17th of the seventh month (right in the middle of God’s annual Holy period known as the Feast of Tabernacles).  Jesus Christ gained a complete victory over death and the grave when God resurrected him near sunset on Nisan 17 (Saturday, April 8, 30 A.D.). In the book of 1Corinthians the thirteenth chapter, the seventeenth mention of the word ‘love’ comes when the apostle Paul states that it is the GREATEST gift of all (1Corinthians 13:13). God’s unending love (John 3:16) is truly victorious over all things. Those who stay faithful to God to the end of their lives will gain the victory over the grave when they are miraculous brought back to life (see 1Corinthians 15). Daniel 7’s beasts have seven heads and ten horns, for a total number of 17. They represent world-ruling powers from Daniel’s time to the Second Coming of Jesus. The devil’s end-time system (Revelation 13) will have seven heads and ten horns, which totals 17. All mankind will very soon obey and worship the devil and the Beast power. They will war against those who have faith in Jesus and keep the commandments, thus achieving a victory (though short-lived) against God’s people (Revelation 13:1 – 8).                                                                                                                                                                                                   True Christians, however, will gain the ultimate victory over God’s adversaries when he resurrects them back to life (Revelation 15:2; 20:4). One of the major themes of the Day of Atonement (commonly referred to as Yom Kippur), which occurs in the seventh Hebrew month on the tenth day, is the binding of Satan (see Revelation 20). Thus, 10 plus 7 equal the number 17, which testifies to Christ’s perfect overcoming of Satan.

I am having such breakthrough in understanding such simple truths…………    and instead of focusing on the actual UGH that did happen, am focusing on what the LORD is pointing out. What are you going through in this season?  What is your focus? It is ok to look and even let the ugh of the past come up, through and out of you. But/BUT  don’t stay there, let it out and let hope/joy/happiness be focused on and out of you.  I have been tried and have come forth as gold…………………

How about you?



MY Testimony~~

Not sure where to begin…….   Those who know me, know I have been saved for many years!   I was saved while watching Billy Graham in 1977, while living with my boyfriend.  I remember it well. I did the prayer of repentance and “FELT” such a shift, there was certainly a change that night. I had accepted Christ many a time before, but without a change in my life. This time, after praying, I could NO longer go to bed with my boyfriend, and so left him that next week.  What is funny/ well sorta is that , that very night I slept in the closet, and not with him. Time passed and we started dating again, he accepted Christ as well.  We then got engaged, and married in 1979.  We had three sons within 10 years and raised them all.

Next theme of my life was/is :  I am adopted and was raised by a wonderful mom, but never let her love me.  My dad I have but one good memory of him.  I won’t got into detail, but between the beatings and ugh situations he brought me into/through it has taken me a long time to forgive, to even realize I needed to forgive.  My dad died when I was 11, and the spirit of infirmity on/in him, went into my mom and she acquired Rhematoid arthritis. She died in 2002 I believe. 
Now I had always wondered about my birth parents, and decided to go looking for my birth mom. I ended up finding my birth dad. I went driving one day to the address I found in the newspaper article that I had gotten about the incidents of my infancy and actually believe I went to the house of the intense trauma I went through.  I also got connected with my birth dad and drove to see him here in the same state I live in, and he lives within 75 miles from me.                                                                                                                              Within a year or so after this though I started having what I call blank outs. It is hard to explain, but I will try.  All my life I have had these strange sensations, it is like I am feeling  “something that I don’t see, but feel” in the room. So then I after those feelings/sensations I would blank out. I also started manifesting demons after I would fall asleep. My husband would pray over me and he even said I spoke in some foreign tongue/ even demonic. One night in December of 2009, I went to sleep as usual and as he has shared with me, I manifested and was thrown to the floor and even was foaming at the mouth.  He took authority and prayed and when I came to he was over me on the floor. Since then I have never manifested again, but the blankouts have increased substantially.  Before the deliverance I blanked out maybe once or twice a month and since them they may come daily but in the last two years, I may go a week or more without any. Also I have had dozens with no warning.  Things certainly have changed, and I am in a time of healing. What I sweet is over the last few years, I have felt emotion ever so greatly. God blessed me with the good first. I felt LOVE for the first time to such an intensity, that before I might have been a one or two, and now it is at least an 8, on the scale of 1-10. I have felt such wonderful emotion FIRST and FOREMOST and then this year, I have felt the most horrible of emotions and even spirits.  I have felt hate, seen what I think is the spirit of death, and abandonment as well as rejection. So much IS coming to the surface, and God is mostly using those who have not been in my life. They are being blessed with seeing those who have been around me regularly don’t.  I have chosen to share so as to give greater wattage to my situation as well as condition.  Oh and in conclusion, last week I discerned that the 3 days of intense horrible oppression, I came to the place of giving up. I was nearly without strength, and just laid in my bed beyond exhaustion, and spoke to the LORD, “I can’t do this anymore, I give up, just take me home Lord”   I waited wondering if indeed He would take me into heaven. But what happened was, I heard inaudibly, You’re going to be fine.  And so hope was restored, I still was without strength and was reminded of one of my favorite verses in Isaiah. I love birds, and love: But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.                                      Now most of my life I have always focused, been drawn to the eagle and the end of this verse, but this last year/season , the Lord keeps pointing and highlighting the first few words, and this month the first half of the verse.  Nicole, those who WAIT on ME………..         I abhor waiting, for I have waited for ever so much and most who promise/say they are going to do something, rarely do. So God is going deep and I am forgiving more and more people, as well as self this season.  Numbers 6:24-26Image


DANIEL RAMIREZ/PHILIP RAMIREZ/CHARLES RAMIREZ: Not many things can make a mom more happier than to see her kids/offspring!!!    Especially as they are grown and living their own lives, and paying their own bills!   I declare that I get to see ALL my kids this very week!  My Coast Guard kid, My First born kid, and my United States Marine kid.  Yes a United States Marine can be a kid, but only their mom’s kid.  Yippee!  Thank YOU, LORD for a bountiful group of men/kids a percentage of each!  I lift up this next 2 weeks of having some TIME with the 3 amigos/ hombre’s that I was blessed in birthing!    This is just a short posting, but so strategic!!  I declare that this family of mine will ALL serve GOD the Creator of each of them/us!  PSALM 139!!    YEAH GOD!!!  I invite you to pray/declare for all of us.  Thank you!
By the way the older man is the dad/father of all three hombres!   Next 3 postings will be of each of them!!!   SHALOM!!!!Image