Good day to you!  I bless you with breakthrough, joy, peace, and oh so much more this day!  It is a  new day, the past is gone, and put behind me to stay.  I awoke today and wrote down my dreams. I pray as I seek the Lord for interpretation, that I will understand greater and greater the dream language I our lives. I dream a lot and know the Lord speaks a lot through dreams.
Today is wonderful and I got up had my bowl of cereal, got my binoculars and bible with me under the pergola in my backyard. I love the morning as well as outdoors. I open most windows every morning and even sleep with our bedroom window open often.
I have been watching some of Graham Cook Videos, here in a link to one of the several of his teachings.  This particular one is one of five and I still haven’t completed the five and am so radically seeing stuff in a totally different way.                             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzHlRvdOxB0                                                                                                                                      Ok, back to sitting under my pergola and breakfast. I have quiet times with the Lord occasionally, but this a.m, I was discerning GOD/ABBA, not Jesus the Son. Anyway, I could feel Greatly/Intensely Him there standing directly in front of me, speaking to me.  I was praying (talking to HIM), and was apologizing for not realizing the error of my ways. AND all I was getting of HIM, was positive affirmation, of all the good I had done, that so many would have given up, and I hadn’t. This went on for several minutes and of course this was intimate, so I won’t share anymore. But the LOVE I am feeling is more intense than ever before. I noticed the time, and realized  Glory of Zion (church in Texas), was on, so I got on the internet and watched it.  www.gloryofzion.org  It was awesome, and Dutch Sheets was the speaker of the day. He was teaching on Passover, and he was sharing, People, it is time to put the past behind you, it is time to cross over and just shared all the details most would not think of when it is time to cross over the River.  Tear down those memorials of the past and move on. After the service was done, I took my flags and went over to the park so as to dance/declare/etc  and did so.  I usually use flags, and rarely dance without them, but there are those times as well. I have done flags all over my yard as well.  Most of the time at church though. So this day is the end to much and the beginning to much more.
In closing, I am going to go and learn MORE about Passover and what one is to do, to eat etc!  A new day is here and it is time to embrace her.    Shalom~~~



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