Ever so much is surfacing for me, stuff I have waited years/seeming like an eternity though.  This season though I am battling an infection that just won’t give up. I rarely get sick AND when I do, it is usually female in its orientation. Of course that is because so much was done to me as an infant. (before 6 months of age).  It amazes me that I was saved when I was living in sin with my boyfriend (now my husband), and while watching Billy Graham in 1977.  I was changed instantly in many areas. That night I slept in the closet (walk in), for I knew it was sin to sleep with Charles. Left him, and he found me/got saved within 6 months. Yeah, he “pursued” his love…………. “ME” and that has been a HUGE part of my breakthrough is feeling/accepting LOVE:  I Corinthians 13 LOVE!  Read it and you will realize that there are times we are NOT loving.
God has been showing me the #7 a lot as well, and little girls. So I am discerning a lot of HIS love for me as a child too, and even then not accepting it. A time of healing AND deliverance in JESUS NAME!  Photo taken in 1975.


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