Day is done 1

Day is Done 2Day is Done 3Day is done 4Day is done 6Day is done 7Day is done 8Day is done 10Day is done 11Day is done 1

I have been coming through such a season. One which has been gradual in my healing. God is ever so much more clever than us, and HE knew that my healing needed/needs to be slow, precise, thorough, and ever so much more than I can ever imagine. He made me with such anointing for His Creation, be it people, but ever so much our planet. There have been times of being blessed by the Red Crowned Parrots  here in our County. They fly by the hundreds directly over my home even. They have sat on the wires above and eaten fruit. Lots of others special gifts HE has given, and they almost all have been that which is around me just COMING ALIVE.   This week we have had a storm come through and dump some rain, and that was good. I had some errands to do today and upon getting home, got some dishes done and made some coffee. AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went outside to see if my cat needed some food and I was dumbfounded at what I felt and saw to the west. The sun was getting read to set and you could see the beauty of the brightness of it. I knew the storm was over. Be it spiritual or physical. (of course there will more storms, but the current one is over).  The clouds were beginning to part. I was delighted, so I shared on Facebook, what I saw and felt. Well I HAD to outside again and watch it, and this time took my camera. I climbed upon my makeshift ladder and got a couple of pictures and was doubly delighted in what I was experiencing. The clouds like a blanket was coming east and the sky was sooooooo blue. Then I noticed over my pergola, a beautiful blue morning glory in full bloom! So I got some wonderful images. I came back in the house and uploaded the pictures. Well I went outside AGAIN, and was totally blown away for what I NOW SAW.  I felt like I was in heaven (I can only imagine).  I got some more pictures and upon looking to the east it was nearly black with storm clouds, but the west was totally cloudless.  I kept hearing the song by Kim Walker  HOW HE LOVES US and was singing it, not realizing that the Holy Spirit was singing it, or well I just knew God was ministering that song all over, in, and through me.  I then took MORE pictures and then felt/knew/discerned to be quiet and just watch/listen. So I did for several minutes and then I heard TAPS. You know the song about when someone dies. I stayed there for several more minutes………..   Finally came in for the color was gone out of the sky.  I share this link, for I went and learned the History of Taps.


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