I am free and flying~~

Many of you don’t know me, and those who do,  WILL CERTAINLY probably laugh at this posting…. Ready?   Here it is……
This is going to be a long posting too.
These last few weeks, I have been overcome, saturated with the word Shalom. I know what it means, but it means more than i realized. That is number one.  Number two is I enjoy, love Glory of Zion with Chuck Pierce established in Texas, and watch it whenever I can.  This month I was more than wanting to watch the conference, but HAD to, there was something I HAD to grasp, hold on to, and not let go of. It was a wonderful, awesome conference. I did miss two of the gathering though, and GOZ, posted them the next week (free of charge).  I knew the one i was drawn to the most and watched it.  WOW!  I have always know about the feasts in the old testament, the holidays etc, but never learned much about them, let alone celebrate them. I watched Robert Heidler the teacher of those holidays, and the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) was that Saturday.  September 13-14th, sundown to sundown.  I was actually nervous on the 13th and was wondering what was going to happen.
Let me share now some history………
1957  I was conceived in my moms womb.                   2002  Mom died
1958  I was born and abandoned by man                    2005 Looked for birth mom, found birth dad
1960   Legally adopted                                                    2006 demonic manisfestations at       1969 Adoptive dad died                                                    night and searched, Searched,         1977  God saved me (salvation)

2008  started having blankouts in the 1979   Got married      (now for 34 years)                                         daytime
1980, 82, 90       gave birth to a son                              2013  Day of Atonement
                                                                                                  (truth revealed)     I AM FREE

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