I made it to the top, and so can you~

Don’t give up (like i have done many a time)………….. Earlier my son CHUCK RAMIREZ, told me he was going on his hike that he frequently goes on. I asked if he would drop me off at Mission Trails Regional Park, and come pick me up when he would be done with his hike.  TO make a long story short, I went with Charles (my son), and started hiking up that mountain. It was hard, and i had to stop several times in the first 1/2 mile. By the time we got up to the 3/4 mile i had to stop and told Charles just to go on, and i would wait, and so he went up to the top of COWLES MOUNTAIN. After several minutes of standing still, I felt restored and chose to go another 100 feet or so. To again make this story shorter………..  I kept my focus to the view directly in front of me. Before I knew it…….. I MADE IT TO THE TOP!!!!!  https://www.sandiego.gov/park-and-recreation/pdf/missiontrailstrailmap.pdf Those of you that know me, know most everything that happens to me, has more than just the physical act that it is. There is a spiritual side to this and honestly WHY i wanted to make it to the top. This is the tallest peak in our city.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cowles_Mountain So I declare I MADE IT TO THE TOP and have victory in JESUS NAME.     Shalom to all who read this.. Last but not least is this…………. I keep track of most birds i see every single day……..   SO on this CLIMB up the mountain, I saw Ravens, (Not Crows), Red Tailed Hawk, Bushtits, Yellow Rumped Warblers, Bewicks Wren, Anna’s Hummingbird, White Crowned Sparrow, and MAYBE a western meadowlark…………….

A view looking west, out over Lake Murray toward the Pacific Ocean.
A view looking west, out over Lake Murray toward the Pacific Ocean.

Cowles Mountain 2Cowles Mountain 3Cowles Mountain 5Cowles Mountain 6


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