Tortoise and the Hare

Tortoise and the Hare

Greetings this day and blessings to you! Many of us have pets, from goldfish to horses…..
Me? I have had a cats for most of my life and this one is over 15 years of age, blind in one eye, and now on mostly canned food, because of his age and teeth. Several years ago, i was given a tortoise, A California desert tortoise. Beverly was its owner and the name of the tortoise was Henry. She had it for over 20 years. Most desert tortoise can live upwards of 50 years. I have now had this tortoise about 7-8 years. This summer (2013) a squirrel kicked her out of her burrough by harassment. She then buried herself in another part of our backyard. A couple of days ago, she aroused herself and ate some meals that i set before her. Well yesterday, our neighbor had found a rabbit in their yard and by nightfall this rabbit was in our front yard. We decided to put this rabbit in our backyard and she is now dining on all kinds of stuff. So i laugh, am taken in by how God speaks so often to me through dreams, through situations etc……
Backyards can so often be interpreted into ones past, rabbits can also be interpreted “increase, fast growth, multiplication (good or evil increase). Of course the tortoise can be the opposite. These last few years have been just that for me…. As a tortoise, I have been in hibernation, and now with what God is doing, well there is great growth, I am discerning, throughout my spirit/soul. I have attached two images of these cuties in the backyard…. Let’s see what is going to happen this season. I declare that “stuff” you see in your life, backyard, grocery store, employment, will BE the LORD speaking to you, and may you glean what HE HAS FOR YOU… Shalom


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