Don’t give up!

Here in San Diego we have ever so many Red Crowned Parrots! Many years ago, it has been communicated that wild parrots were brought up from their homeland, from where they were born. At that time it was alright to bring these birds, and now it is banned. So has any of you been taken from where you originated, where you began, and taken, stolen, abandoned, or _________, and then over the years, are in a completely different place, than where you started out at, and honestly you didn’t move, you were moved.  But you know what, YOU, yes YOU, have persevered, but one thing “we” must do, is quit staring at the past. It is ok, to be aware of, glance back, but “we” need to quit staring at the past. 
Yesterday i was watering our front yard, and heard the familiar sound of those parrots, and such joy came all over me. I kept thinking that once they lived in their native land, (Central America), and was captured, brought up here and caged. But somehow they got free, they couldn’t get back to their homeland, but made us (California) their home. I watched them for about a half hour, got done watering, and then got my bike, and camera and went for a ride. They had all (about 60-70 birds), congregated over one street. They were a little louder than usual, and somewhat restless too. I got there and started taking some pictures, and THEN, noticed, a dead red crowned parrot. There was blood running out of its mouth, and it certainly looked as if it had been hit by a bullet.  OH MY!  I certainly wasn’t expecting this…   
SO many of us have been through others as they hurl ugly words (bullets) at us. Some us wonder why we battle everything from depression, to apathy, and OH SO MUCH MORE, and it is so often because of what someone, somewhere, and sometime spoke to us, over us etc.  Don’t you remember that this world was spoken into existence? 
I am here to say this in your face………….. You have persevered, you are still here, you have come this far:
So many ugly words have been spoken over you, take authority and declare, speak that though those words were indeed spoken, that you will overcome, by “not” accepting when the ugly emotions hit, to keep standing firm, for your breakthrough, deliverance, VICTORY, has begun.  One thing is though, if you haven’t started, Please journal, write down the UGHS, the GOOD, the special times you have. I looked through and though i thought i hadn’t learned, grown much spiritually,  I HAD. I don’t have nearly as many hurdles; I have ever so much more freedom, but do keep looking back, it’s time to look forward.  In conclusion, remember if and when you ever see a free bird, be a parrot, parakeet, cockatiel, dove, or maybe a canary, you are more than a bird, and are being set free of more than you probably will ever comprehend.  SHALOM!Image


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